Insect control

Asked January 23, 2019, 12:01 PM EST

I have not used any kind of insect control in the past for my vegetables, just because of safety concerns. I have heard good things about a product called, "Eight Insect Control: Vegetable, Flower, Fruit" by Bonide. I wanted to know if you knew anything about this product, specifically if it's safe to use, and if it would be something to use with my young apple trees and vegetables. I don't like to use chemicals, so I'm open to alternatives as well, but I know I will have to take some kind of measures this year with my garden. Thank you

Kenton County Kentucky

1 Response

This product would be safe to use as directed.

Before you use any garden chemicals, however, I recommend that you find out exactly what is causing the problems you notice. Sometimes the challenges we face are a result of our gardening practices, and can be fixed without chemical use. This particular product is what we call 'broad'spectrum', meaning that it kills a wide variety of organisms; generally it is best to identify your pest or disease first, and then find a product that kill it without harming other thing that are either not the problem, or are actually beneficial and shouldn't be harmed.

We offer free plant problem diagnostics, so at the first hint of trouble, call us. We can troubleshoot with you and offer suggestions based on your particular situation.
I hope this helps.