Fruit Tree Care

Asked January 23, 2019, 9:26 AM EST

We moved into our home in Shepherd in May 2017. The house has ~10 fruit trees – apple, cherry and pear. We have since added two peach from the Isabella Conservation District. The first year the trees did OK. The cherry didn’t have many fruit but apple and pear had quite a few. The problem though was that the fruit was decimated by Japanese beetles. We did our best to manually remove the bugs but they did quite a bit of damage to fruit and leaves. This year the trees had very few buds and even less fruit. We had significantly less bugs but that could have been for many different reasons – we did use neem oil on the trees but it was also an unusually hot dry summer. We don’t really know how to give even basic care to the trees though we would very much like to. Is there a reliable way to help the trees regenerate after damage? Should there regular fertilizing/feeding schedule? Any tips or advice or resources you can recommend would be much appreciated.

Isabella County Michigan

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I recently answered a similar question.
I think you should purchase the Midwest Home Fruit Production Guide
It is a very complete book on backyard fruit tree care.