Farming Crawfish

Asked January 22, 2019, 1:25 PM EST

What are the regulations for farming crawfish in Maryland? I think it would be a great addition to a hydroponic farm. If it is allowed what species are permitted? I know there are some invasive crawfish in Maryland and I’m wondering if there are regulations for growing them, even in greenhouses. Finally, what kind of licenses would one have to obtain. I see there are two categories on the MD Fisheries website: finfish and shellfish. Technically, crawfish fall under the shellfish category but the shellfish program in Maryland seems to be geared toward oysters. Should I look at the licensing process of finfish instead? Thank you for your help!

Queen Anne's County Maryland

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You can contact the MDDNR Aquaculture Division and ask which species of crawfish you would be able to use. I would discourage you from using crawfish in a closed hydroponic system due to cannibalism.