Help with my soil test results

Asked January 20, 2019, 3:04 PM EST

You were a big help with my one Michigan State soil test results, thank you. Alas, I have one other soil test that I need help with. This test indicated that yearly per 1000ft2 I need are: Nitrogen 1pound and Potassium 2 pounds. Would this be 10-0-20? Or more preferably, I would like to buy powdered Nitrogen and Potassium and mix my own..but I do not know what concentrations or compounds to purchase( I did read your recommendation that potassium sulfate is better than KCl)...but, again, what would the concentration be? Many thanks, Tim Peters

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Yes, the recommendations on this soil report would translate into a blended fertilizer with a 10-0-20 ratio or a 5-0-10 ratio.

It is perfectly fine to add the individual components (nitrogen and potassium) to the soil separately. If you wish to blend them before applying, just purchase the components and blend them in a 1 part nitrogen to 2 parts potassium ratio.

Does that answer your question?