So weird??

Asked January 20, 2019, 6:28 AM EST

I found these small square white/clear things on my daughters (she is 28 months) upper right thigh when I went to change her diaper. They were also in her diaper there must of been over 1,000 of them on her leg but it scared me and my first reaction was to ship it off before I could take a picture. Then 2 days later I found this small white/ yellowish thing in her diaper. My ex and her father share custody of our daughter and I found all these things right after he dropped her off because first thing I always do is change her clothes and check her diaper. Then today I found this yellow kind of sticky thing on my pants. I’m really grossed out and actually scared because I do not know what these are and that there where so many of them on my daughter. Please help Thank you Kelli L Brust

El Paso County Colorado

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I have asked a couple of medical professional their opinion and am waiting to hear of they know, as I have been able to find nothing to help you. do these things move? does the house have pets?

I have check with several medical professionals. The consensus is that it does not look like any parasite they recognize. They also say that if your daughter has symptoms or you see these things again you should make an appointment with your pediatrician and bring a stool sample with you.