Can anyone help me identify this mushroom

Asked January 19, 2019, 7:40 PM EST

These mushrooms randomly popped up all over my lawn recently over the past few days... I would like to know if they are toxic or not I have not had much luck identifying them based on pictures possibly to feed them to my animals I hate wasting things it would be nice to repurpose them

Madera County California

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These are a species of Agaricus, the same genus as button mushrooms. There are both poisonous and edible wild species, none of them deadly to humans. However, we don't have much info on the effect of them on animals, so you should ask you veterinarian, as what we can consume may be poisonous to animals, such as ibuprofen which can be deadly to dogs.

These mushrooms are breaking down dead plant materials in the soil, so in a way they are repurposing for you!