Is there a particular type of fertilizer for growing herbs and vegetables indoors?

Asked January 19, 2019, 4:53 PM EST

I'd like to grow lettuce, chard, and other foods indoors throughout the year. I want to be clear on what type of fertilizer to use. I only see information for house plants; does it matter that the plants I'm interested in are for food use?

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You can use any balanced fertilizer for vegetables (for example, liquid fish emulsion and seaweed is an organic option with 2-3-1 NPK). Follow the label directions. Both chemical and organic fertilizers, if over-applied, can burn plants.

Perhaps more importantly, make sure you have a system set up for your plants to get a sufficient amount of light. Lettuce seedlings, for example, need 14-16 hours of light daily placed 2-3 inches above the seedlings.

Here are links to information about indoor grow light options: