deep root fertilization w/ Arbor Green PRO

Asked January 18, 2019, 11:49 AM EST

I have lived at my current address for 34yrs. For the past 20 yrs, I have paid an arborist $264 for this service to my scrubs and trees. My husband and I are now both retired and wonder if we need this service. I attended the Master Gardener Class and it appears that my established yard does no require this service.

Wayne County Michigan

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You can probably stop, or at least reduce the frequency of, fertilization. This is from MSU’s article that explains tree and shrub fertilization:

“As a general rule of thumb, most landscape trees and shrubs can maintain acceptable growth and appearance without fertilization. If plant growth and color are not meeting expectations and a homeowner suspects a nutrient problem, the potential deficiency should be diagnosed based on at least one – and preferably two or more – of the following criteria before applying corrective fertilization: Visual symptom, soil test results, Foliar test results.”

The complete article is here—-

As the above article states, our native soils provide enough nutrients for most trees and shrubs. If your trees continue to grow normally, their leaf size is normal, and their leaf color is good, then they do not need to be fertilized. Thanks for using our service.