What is this?

Asked January 17, 2019, 7:56 PM EST

What is this?

Dakota County Minnesota plant identification horticulture

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You've not given us much to go on. When? Where? What does the rest of the plant look like? Tree? Shrub? Perennial? Weed or cultivated plant? How is the leaf attached to the plant? Flowers? Fruit? One photo of a single leaf is not usually sufficient to give an accurate identification.

My guess would be rhubarb, but I'd have to see the rest of the plant. See:

You might also look at this site. There are several rhubarb look-alikes (not all grow here):

Hi Dennis: more info
Northern Minnesota, 20’ in summer, cut in Oct., regenerates from root in July, stem/trunk is hollow, 3” in diameter, leaves emit from normal(not hollow) branch., no flower, no frui

Thanks for the further information. It's not clear yet to me if the plant is rhubarb or butterbur. Both these plants produce flowering stalks. The leaf petiole on rhubarb is not hollow (we often incorrectly call this petiole a "stem"), but the flower stalk is hollow. The petioles on butterbur are hollow. Read here: