Shrub Identification

Asked January 16, 2019, 1:34 PM EST

What do you think this is. The photo was taken today. It is 6-8 feet tall. Thanks.

Clackamas County Oregon plant identification

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Thanks for your question. I think I know what it is, but it would be helpful if you were to take a photo of the leaves closer up, including how they grow on the stem (opposite or alternating.) Thanks!

I've enlarged your photo as best I can to see if I can get the information I asked for, and I believe it is a Viburnum tinus described here:

Is that your final answer? Just kidding. I appreciate the expertise and help of all you folks. I did think it might be a viburnum. Thanks again.

Yes. Final Answer! It took someone with a magnifying glass to see the leaves close up, since they appear to be 'wavy.' (Not a botanical description!) But both of these begin blooming in the fall, and continue until spring. Yours looks very healthy!

Unfortunately it is our neighbor’s. I am envious. I asked because we might get one for ourselves.

Save your money. get a soft wood cutting later in the spring and root your own!