Average frost dates for Rogers Mesa, Hotchkiss

Asked January 15, 2019, 7:47 PM EST


What are the first and last frost dates on Rogers Mesa in Hotchkiss?

Also, if these dates have changed over time that info would be great as well.

Lastly, what zone exactly is this? Zone 6B?

Thank yoU!

Delta County Colorado

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Check out COAgMet for information at our weather station on the CSU Ag Research Station in Rogers Mesa

The Climate center closest info on frost dates is Paonia: 6200' last spring frost of 28 degress, April 29th. Last 32 degree frost date, May 28th. First fall frost of 32, October 4th, first 28 frost in fall October 15th. Average 128 growing days over 32. Varies due to elevation, wind/cold air movement, aspect...
Zone is only a measurement of average minimum temperature so we do not put too much weight on it though a place to start: https://frostdate.com/co/
If you can ever get seeds and plants sourced from Colorado or states of similar climate and soils is best. Hope that helps.