Tree planting after selective tree harvesting

Asked January 15, 2019, 1:52 PM EST

What should be done to promote regrowth after selective cutting of old aspen and dead ash? Replant? Let it regenerate on its own? Type of trees that would take in roscommon area?

Roscommon County Michigan

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Thank you for contacting Ask an Expert. Anywhere aspen was growing, it will also regenerate due to the clonal properties of the tree. The roots of the old aspen trees contain the beginnings of new trees; this spring, when the ground thaws under the full sun the shoots of new trees will grow from the roots by the hundreds, if not thousands. Because clumps of the new trees will all have sprouted from the same root system, we call them "Clones," as they all share the same genetic material. You can read more about aspen root sprouting at the link below, under "reproduction":
My recommendation would be to see what sprouts this summer, and then assess if you'd like to plant any additional trees.
I happen to be located in the Roscommon County Building, if you'd like to stop by to discuss this, please do!
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