Deodar Cedar

Asked January 15, 2019, 12:23 PM EST

My 6 month old newly planted Deodar Cedar tree is yellowing all over, it doesn’t look healthy. There are no bugs present. I’m wondering if it is too wet or maybe it is root bound. Please suggest what I might do to help it. Thank you!

Yavapai County Arizona

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Dear Client,

Thanks for contacting us through eXtension. You didn't give an exact location, but I'm guessing Prescott Valley or East Prescott. It is a deodar cedar and these trees often are slow to become established. Do you know if this was a container-grown plant or a field-grown plant that came "balled and burlaped". When ball and burlap trees are lifted from the field, most of the root system is severed from the plant. These trees must regenerate a root system before they start growing and looking good. It also would be a good idea to check the drainage by probing the planting hole with a smooth steel rod (we call this an irrigation probe and sell them at our offices). Poor drainage can cause this symptom and if drainage is not improved, the tree could die. Yellowing leaves can be exacerbated by cold weather. The new (2014) "Statehood Tree" on the Prescott Courthouse Square is a deodar and looked this way for a couple of years after it was planted. I would not give the plant nitrogen fertilizer. A foliar feeding of chelated iron may help "green up" the tree. Looking at this tree, I don't think it will die tomorrow or the next day, but if it doesn't recover by next spring, it won't get a flush of new spring growth. This would not be a good sign. In the future, I strongly encourage you to visit one of our Master Gardener when horticultural questions arise. Our contact information and hours of operation are on our web site at: You might call before hand to make sure a Master Gardener is available. In the future, I think you will find our offices to be helpful and the most expedient way to elicit horticultural information (rather than using eXtension). If you'd like to visit with me directly, I can be reached at 928-455-6590 ext 224.


Thank you for your response. I am in Prescott Valley. I don’t believe it was container grown as it was “balled and burlaped” That being the case I am hopeful that it will recover once it begins to grow a new root system. I have to think that the tree has good drainage as it is on a sloping hill and much of the dirt is fill dirt and has been loosened since it is a new build property. Unless it is possible that we have over watered it. Thank you again for you he,p.

It is much easier for our office to communicate with you directly - via phone or email. Please contact us this way in the future (all the information was provided in my prior response).