Pest or Pathogen on Ficus Tree

Asked January 14, 2019, 6:19 PM EST

Hi can you please help with id? Pest or pathogen? On a ficus tree in the house, which spent the summer outside.

Montgomery County Maryland

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This is a challenging question.
It's not a pathogen, and it might not even be a pest.
It is not a gall, and it looks too lumpy for a spider egg case.
It is possibly a parasitized insect, which is when one insect lays eggs on another and when they hatch out, they kill the first insect (which is often a pest).

You could move some of the fluff or cut it open to investigate, but otherwise, just scoop it off and put it outside (or squish it).


Thank you. I really only saw a couple of
them, so they’re gone now!
Thanks again,