choosing native plants for pollinator garden

Asked January 14, 2019, 6:09 PM EST

Out at Chintimini Wildlife Center off Lewisburg Road, I've just installed a large-ish hugelkultur berm that's about 120 ft. long, up to 12 feet across and 4-5 feet high. I'm at the point of ordering plants specifically for that site. I want to find someone with localized expertise to guide that selection if not placement to create an attractive diverse, robust, resilient microclimate. I'm hoping someone there might guide me to people or literature or web resources to drill down to the right mix if plants, grasses and whatever to support the widest array of pollinators--especially insects and birds we could attract and support with water, shelter and other necessities, such as mud puddles for butterflies I understand. Any references will be greatly appreciated. Note the center attracts visitors from the central Willamette Valley areas who would be interested in the garden. Thanks ever so much and I would appreciate a confirmation that this message landed in the right place.

Benton County Oregon

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Thank you for your question, and sorry for the delay in getting you an answer! With OSU ‘right down the road,’ you have the experts nearby, including those who compiled the list in this article: Another great resource is the following publication by Metro, where you can see photos of native plants, learn their light and water needs, and see what wildlife they attract and/or support: If you have other questions, please write back! Good luck!