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Asked January 14, 2019, 2:29 PM EST

We purchase a home 18 months ago. Ever since I have noticed a stromg chest pain and constant coughing, we have cleaned the home, sealed the sealings floors and walls and painted and recently changed the carpet and the padding. (We sealed the floors under the carpet). I spent a few hours this weekend In the living room which is the place where the problem is, and i got the same simptoms back.

Marion County Oregon

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I'm sorry to hear about the problems you are having. I'm not entirely certain what your question is, however. It seems like you are asking about potential indoor pollutants? You may want to talk to your doctor regarding your health concerns, and talk to them about any concerns you may have about indoor pollutants. I've included some basic information about common indoor pollutants, below.

If you are concerned about mold, I would suggest looking on walls behind the furniture. If you can see paint bubbling, that suggests there might be a moisture issue. If you have moisture, you may have mold. Other common household issues include carbon monoxide (your home should have a functioning carbon monoxide monitor), natural gas leak (you should be able to smell that), radon (less common, but you can test for it especially if you have a basement) and various cleaning chemicals. I am including a link to the American Lung Association. They list common indoor air pollutants. This may help you discuss your symptoms with your doctor.