Rodents and plants

Asked January 14, 2019, 10:34 AM EST

Hi! In our office we have a lot of plants and they range from small containers to large 6 ft tall plants.

Never had an issue in the 1.5 years, but this year, last three weeks, we noticed a hole in one of the dirt of one of the 6ft tall plants.

What would attract a mouse to burrow in to the dirt and how can we stop it?

Harford County Maryland

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Can you send us a photo of what you are seeing?
You can attach up to three photos at a time directly to this reply.
How wide is the hole? Does it go straight down? How deep? Any other signs?

Certainly if there is a mouse there, a snap trap set with peanut butter should let you know and take care of him.
If you have an office pest control company, let them know. Otherwise, continue to set snap traps, keep the area clear of snacks, foods, etc., and have someone inspect and figure out how they may be gaining access and plug/prevent it.
Here is our page on Mice and their control: