Mobile garden for teens in detention facility

Asked January 14, 2019, 10:14 AM EST

I am working on an RFP to create a farm for teens in a detention center setting where the planters need to be mobile. Can anyone recommend an off-the-shelf kit for mobile planters on casters and/or simple PDF how-to guides that would allow us to build our own alone or with youth participants at reasonable cost; there is some concern that these teens may not be permitted to use drills or power tools. I'm familiar with milk crate box planter/containers that I think could be put on casters. Additionally, if anyone has a budget template for creating a three-season container garden and/or square foot garden beds for growing healthy vegetables, culinary and medicinal herbs, and butterfly-attracting flowers that can be adapted for school groups in the northeast, this would be most helpful. We are working at maximum of 5,000 sf but most of the smaller areas with be on concrete patios of about 300-500 sf. Thank you!

District of Columbia

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We are happy to help.
It sounds like you are describing our Salad Table. Take a look at this link which describes this and how to make one:
This depth is appropriate for some, but not all crops, and would need to be made deeper for those. Most crops other than greens also need full sun exposure.

This info and more to be considered can be explored here at our Container Gardening page:

Given that you are gardening with teens, our Youth Gardening page will also be helpful for you.
Adding small stature flowers and herbs will keep pollinators happy.