Too Late to Prune Fruit Trees

Asked January 11, 2019, 1:32 PM EST

I had planned to do some pruning on my fruit trees and blueberries this weekend (January 12). With the warm weather we've had this winter, there are buds everywhere. Am I too late to the pruning plan this year? Did I miss the window? Or is it ok to do it? Any tips for pruning these things?

Lane County Oregon blueberries pruning fruit trees

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No, it is not too late. We shall be pruning into February and for some things even later. Small fruits are probably best done in February. Go to this URL for pruning classes offered by OSU Lane Extension. Most are in the field and hands on and questions are welcomed. Pruning is best learned this way rather than just verbally or from printed matter. Good luck and hope you can make the classes.