tomato seed "BonnyBest" prohibition

Asked January 10, 2019, 4:09 PM EST

Famous old company Stark touts this variety as "intensely flavorfull" but says it is not allowed in Maryland. Is there any way for use solely in home gardens? Thanks

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We found that Stark was out of Bonny Best tomato seed, then it seems to be removed from the website. We don't know why they would not ship to MD and did not see that prohibition anywhere. We recommend that you call them and ask about it if you want to order Bonny Best in the future.


I am extremely grateful for your quick and comprehensive reply. It seems that Stark Bros was offering the product and sourcing it from a third party: Baker Creek Seed Co. which apparently had placed the restriction on sales in MD. I will contact them for further information, and will pass it on to you.

Sincere best wishes.

Ed Mahoney