Hoophouse / high tunnel funding

Asked January 10, 2019, 1:58 PM EST

Hi MSU Extension Experts, I'm doing research on hoophouse / high tunnel funding , and so far, aside from NCRS, the sources I've found have been terminated. Do you know of other resources for hoophouses / high tunnels? Most appreciated. Thanks. Racheal


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Is this for profit or non-profit?


It's on behalf of Nifty Hoops in Ann Arbor which is for profit. We're speaking at a conference next week, and specifically addressing funding to both for profit, and non-profit groups.

I'm checking with colleagues. The initial response was that the only funding for profit businesses is through NRCS but non-profit groups have options. I'd like to see if I can obtain more specific information so I'm inquiring with a few other colleagues. I'll let you know as soon as I hear back. I hope I'll have some news for your shortly.

Please check out Hoophouses for Health: http://mifma.org/hoophousesforhealth/. It's a great program and there's a listing of hoophouse funding sources in Michigan at the bottom of the webpage.

Hope this helps. If I discover additional information, I'll pass that along as well.

Good luck with next week's presentation.

Thank you!

Hoophouses for Health is an awesome program! I checked out their funding sources, and unfortunately, some of those programs are done. Hoophouses for Health itself has active funding for it's live loans, but nothing for new ones, though they are seeking alternate sources to revive for new loans. The Shade Fund has pulled back to only be eligible in Appalachia.

Thanks, again!

While your presentation is over you may still be interested in another response from my colleague, Dr. Ron Goldy, who works with the commercial vegetable industry.

"The SARE Farmer/Rancher Grant Program (https://www.northcentralsare.org/Grants/Our-Grant-Programs/Farmer-Rancher-Grant-Program) may be a possibility for a grant. The SARE program is not free money, they would have to write and get the grant funded and then do the work. Tunnels have become a more standard practice these days and it is harder to get these types of grants unless they are in a special situation."

I hope this information has been helpful.

Thank you! Any and all information related to funding is truly appreciated, as it's being including not only in presentations, but in our FAQ. Letting people know about what's out there is crucial to getting this type of agriculture up, and running, and common. :D

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My pleasure. I'm glad to help. :-)