Hoophouse / high tunnel funding

Asked January 10, 2019, 1:58 PM EST

Hi MSU Extension Experts, I'm doing research on hoophouse / high tunnel funding , and so far, aside from NCRS, the sources I've found have been terminated. Do you know of other resources for hoophouses / high tunnels? Most appreciated. Thanks. Racheal

Michigan hoop houses

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Is this for profit or non-profit?


It's on behalf of Nifty Hoops in Ann Arbor which is for profit. We're speaking at a conference next week, and specifically addressing funding to both for profit, and non-profit groups.

I'm checking with colleagues. The initial response was that the only funding for profit businesses is through NRCS but non-profit groups have options. I'd like to see if I can obtain more specific information so I'm inquiring with a few other colleagues. I'll let you know as soon as I hear back. I hope I'll have some news for your shortly.

Please check out Hoophouses for Health: http://mifma.org/hoophousesforhealth/. It's a great program and there's a listing of hoophouse funding sources in Michigan at the bottom of the webpage.

Hope this helps. If I discover additional information, I'll pass that along as well.

Good luck with next week's presentation.