Succulent growing too fast!

Asked January 10, 2019, 11:01 AM EST

Hi, I received a pretty succulent plant as a gift a year and a half ago and have been feeding it one or two drops of Miracle Grow houseplant food every other week along with weekly watering. Now it has become crazy long and spindly like an ivy - I need advice on if/when/how to trim it and what kind of pot to put all the smaller cuttings in... will they all grow in potting soil, or should I put them in water first to get some roots started? Below is a current photo of it as it is now... Thank you so much in advance for your response.

Ramsey County Minnesota

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Early spring is the best time to prune the plant and grow new ones from leaves or stem cuttings.

In the meantime, try to establish and maintain suitable growing conditions. This means watering only when the soil is dry, fertilizing once or twice a month with dilute fertilizer but only in spring and summer, and providing as much light as possible.

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Follow these directions to propagate the plant from stems or leaves

The following video shows how to prune your plant. Although the presentation includes a lot of extraneous information, the pruning method that's demonstrated will serve your purpose.