Hormone growth inhibitor

Asked January 10, 2019, 10:35 AM EST

Hello: I have two Norway Maples that produce too many seed pods, that make a big mess, get stuck in our deck etc. Can you please recommend someone who will spray the hormone growth inhibitor on them? I live just outside of Jacksonville, in Central Point. These trees are too large for me to do it myself and I am a senior.

Jackson County Oregon trees and shrubs

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There are several methods to remove fruit or prevent fruiting. Hand-removing spent flowers or small fruits will work on a small tree, but is not a practical solution for large trees or extensive plantings. Chemical or hormone-type sprays are a more practical method, but spraying your tree can be a costly and time-consuming venture. Consider the following before you decide to spray:

The window of opportunity for chemical or hormone-type sprays is during flowering before fruit set, usually from flower buds to the full bloom stage. It is imperative that you spray at this time for chemicals to be most effective on the flower bud. Spraying before or after flowers may result in wasted time and money. The label of the product you use will give you precise instructions on how to use that product.

You will need to contact an arborist in your local area. I suggest you look in the Yellow Pages under "arborist". Look for one that is certified. You may also find a recommendation from your local Extension Office in Jackson County located in Central Point.

Hope this helps!