TableTop Alberta Spruce and succulent questions :)

Asked January 9, 2019, 7:17 PM EST

Hi, I am wondering if these directions that came with my tiny Christmas tree are accurate, i.e., the best I can do for it right now to keep it going... they say to put it out in this freezing weather right now... and how exactly to do that? Also, I got a pretty succulent plant as a gift a year ago and have been feeding it a tiny bit of Miracle Gro houseplant food every other week along with the weekly watering. Now it has become crazy long and spindly like an ivy!! Need advice on if/when /how to trim it and what kind of pot to put all the smaller plants in? Will they all grow in soil, or should I put them in water first? Sorry for all the questions, and thank you SO MUCH in advance for your response.

Ramsey County Minnesota

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