Winter Weeds

Asked January 9, 2019, 1:14 PM EST

Is there an natural killer i can use on dead looking grass in my stones now so they will be dead for the spring. Since our winter is so warm right now i would like to get some of my spring work done now.
Thank You so much,

Larimer County Colorado

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Hi Ruth,

Unfortunately, with "dead looking" grass, it's not growing or photosynthesizing at this time, so it wouldn't readily absorb any herbicides (natural or synthetic). At this time of year, your best best is to just pull it by hand or dig it up.

Herbicides, regardless of how they are manufactured, work best on actively growing plants. Drought-stressed weeds are harder to kill than those that are well-watered.

If the grass is a perennial, wait until it warms up and starts growing. Though it might be slightly green now, it's not growing enough to use herbicides.