Native grasses that are particularly good or better at removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere

Asked January 9, 2019, 10:32 AM EST

I'm working with a student who is wondering if there's been any research to date on the effectiveness of different native grass species removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, perhaps at different rates? The species we're interested in using for an experiment are panicum virgatum, andropogon virginicus, carex pensylvanica, chasmanthium latifolium, schizachyrium scoparium, and sorghastrum nutans.

Cecil County Maryland

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We are not aware of research being done in this area.
You can search Extension universities here:

We primarily work with home gardeners though and suggest you begin with the info specialists at your local library.

They may direct you to places like the USDA, your local Soil Conservation Office, or the National Ag Library.