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Asked January 9, 2019, 9:32 AM EST

we moved to Colorado in Aug 2018 from Michigan. we live in Peyton - just east of Colorado Springs. we have an inground sprinkler system. we have an established lawn about 10 years old. we have numerous bare spots and some weeds.

in Sept 2018, I applied fertilizer and weed killer. I also tried to top dress the bare spots in front lawn.

as we begin 2019, I am most anxious for info on proper Colorado lawn, shrub and garden care :

1. lawn care schedule - what/when chemicals to apply. how best to fill in my bare and thin spots

2. garden planting schedule - when can she start planting outside

3. my wife is interested in elevated beds to grow produce. also how best to protect them from the frequent Colorado hail storms

4. recommended watering schedule with my sprinkler system - how frequent and time length of each zone

5. how often should I fertilize my shrubs and pine trees and with what

6. any other recommendations, etc

I am familiar with Michigan lawn care, but not Colorado with its higher elevation, shorter growing season, more intense sun, dryer weather, etc

Please send me any info and publications on these various subjects, etc.

My son graduated from CSU in Turf Management

thanxs, Dave Mezger 9975 Rockingham Dr in Peyton, Colo 80831

El Paso County Colorado

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Dave - thank you for contacting the Master Gardeners. Your questions cover a multitude of areas. So, I am providing a link that will allow you to access publications that should contain the answers to your questions. See the section starting with "Online Garden Publications" and ending with "PlantTalk Colorado."

You are correct, gardening in Colorado is very different. I have lived in the Colorado Springs for 21 years and there are still times when I struggle. A couple of additional sites might be of interest.

Plants recommended for the Front Range area - PlantSelect.

Pikes Peak Urban Gardens is a wonderful resource for vegetable gardening.

If at some point you become interested in xeric gardening, there is a great demonstration garden on Mesa Rd. It is managed by Colorado Springs Utilities. I recommend you take a walk through the garden. It is lovely. You may wish to go during business hours. There is a utilities office on-site that possibly has useful handouts.