problem plums

Asked January 9, 2019, 12:25 AM EST

What is happening to these plums??? Photo attached... the tree and leaves are healthy

Outside United States diseases of plums

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Thank you for your question. We cannot diagnose a plant problem without knowing your whereabouts, and what variety of plum you are growing. Often, ID of problems depends on the country. Thanks for more information!

I live on the east coast of NZ it’s summer here... it’s a large plum called elephant heart plum

Thanks for more information. I have been researching problems with plums, and can find nothing informative about the problem I'm seeing. But I'm wondering if these just have white rings around the plums, or whether this coloration goes down into the fruit as well. Are you able to cut one in half along the core line, so I can see the pattern to this aberration? That would be most helpful. Thanks!