My Acrea palm houseplant dying!!

Asked January 8, 2019, 9:12 PM EST

I bought an already in bad shape acrea palm houseplant thinking I would be able to get it back to healthy but am really struggling. Part of the bigger bottom part has died out already and I only have a small part of the plant left. I dont want to throw it away unless I know for sure it's gone for good.....any advice to revive it would be amazing!!!! Thanks!!

Yamhill County Oregon

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Thank you for your question. Although palms are considered a relatively easy plant to grow (especially as houseplants), they are not without issues. Since your plant was stressed when you got it, you don't have information about how often it was watered or fertilized, and don't know whether it was infected with one pathogen or another. Fungal infections are common in palms, and I can't see the fronds well enough to see if there are indications of an infection, as you can see in this article:

Browning leaf tips is typically a watering issue--too much or too little. But the soil can also harbor fungi which damage the roots, so water can't be taken up by the plant. It may have had inadequate fertilization, which both stressed it and made the leaves turn yellow. Without being able to examine the fronds and the soil, I can't look for soil insects nor signs of fungi. And I've just skimmed the surface of potential problems. Here is an Extension article designed for commercial growers that lists more issues that I've mentioned:

It's your call whether you want to investigate these in conjunction with your plant, or toss it and start over with a healthy one. Good luck!