Bugs outside my house

Asked January 8, 2019, 9:49 AM EST

I previously ask this question but sadly the pictures I had taken weren't really good, so a few weeks ago I came home and found this insects all over the frames outside the house , they jumped when we sprayed them and after that day we hadn't see them, until today they came back, again , it seems they come out when it rains, and is soo many of them, any idea of what could this be? Thank you so much your help.

New York County New York

1 Response

They are most likely a species of springtail. They can tolerate cold temperatures. Some are referred to as snow fleas because they will be found on snow in early spring. They are harmless and most likely responded to the rain to come out of hiding. It is not worth spraying them with any pesticide at this time of year.

Most other insects which might emerge at this time will be killed by the next freeze. Sometimes this kind of weather works to our favor by killing many pests which initially found a safe haven to over winter only to be fooled by our present winter changes. Though some always seem to survive.