Wilting ponderosa pine

Asked January 8, 2019, 9:41 AM EST

I have a ponderosa pine in front of my house that appears to be wilting. All the tips seem to be flat. I would hate to lose it. Any suggestions?

Douglas County Colorado

1 Response

It's very diificult to see anything specfic in the picture, it seems to be kind of in the shadows.... But I would first thing, actually physically check the soil around the tree . Symptoms of both underwatering or overwatering can be very similar. Even in an overwatering case, wilting can occur. So examine the soil, dig down in a little ( which might be difficult this time of year), and also try sticking a a fairly long screwdriver or some such tool into the soil and determine if it is too dry or even too wet. Too wet would deprive the tree of oxygen.....