Transplanting Redwood tree to ground

Asked January 7, 2019, 9:10 PM EST

I have been growing a California Coastal Redwood in a pot for almost two years. I want to transplant the tree to the ground but I am wondering when would be the best time of year to do so.

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Thanks for your question. Most trees and shrubs do better after transplanting if that happens in the fall, when there is little chance of drought, and they can expand their root balls into surrounding soil before winter. You've undoubtedly been able to keep this tree alive in a pot for 2 years because you've been attentive to its water needs. This need will only become a larger issue as the tree matures. So, you can plant it when the ground is workable, which may be now, but you need to dig a hole twice as wide as and the depth of the pot, saturate both well, and try to disentangle the root ball, if the roots are close together. Depending on our winter, you may have to provide supplemental water for it as it adjusts.

The following Extension article has great information about these magnificent trees and their care, from the area of the country in which they are native:

Hope this is helpful. Good luck!