Canning in cans

Asked January 7, 2019, 8:30 PM EST

If you are using 100ml can is the cooking time any different to larger cans?

Outside United States

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That size can seems very small. What are you canning?

Mostly mussels, octopus and some sardines

Hi, Below is a liink to information formation from the University of Alaska Extension on canning fish in cans.


It appears that the key to canning in cans is for the meat to reach 170 degrees F., while still open in the pressure canner. Once the 170 degrees is reached the cans need to be removed and sealed using the sealer. Then each can (is done individually) is placed back in the pressure canner. The process of preparing the canner then takes over. The times for processing in cans appears to be longer that that of the jars. Be sure to look over the information and follow the instructions.