Smother English Ivy

Asked January 7, 2019, 10:55 AM EST

I'm not comfortable utilizing chemicals to kill weeds in my garden. I utilize the black weed barrier cloth purchased from Lowes and then cover the same with mulch to smother weeds. However, I am attempting to help my God daughter get rid of English Ivy planted next to her newly purchased home by the previous owner. I know that this ivy is a persistent invasive vine. Will smothering this ivy as I've previously described work?

Prince George's County Maryland

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Smothering is useful for many plants but not for English Ivy.
You are correct. It is persistent and invasive and is one that needs aggressive measures to get rid of it.
Here is our page on English Ivy, with options for control: Click on the links too.
Basically you can pull up as much as you can, even dig out the roots as well as you can, and repeat until it no longer re-sprouts; or treat re-growth with a product containing the active ingredient Tryclopyr mixed with a sticker/spreader (Turbo).