planting potatoes in burlap bags

Asked January 6, 2019, 5:50 PM EST

How early can I start potatoes in burlap bags inside in my laundry room to later take outside around April timeframe to continue to grow in the bag?

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This is a really interesting question.
We think you should be able to plant potatoes indoors about four weeks (mid-March) before putting them outdoors, and we'd do that in about mid-April.

Once they are up, you will need to put them under gro lights that are only about 2 inches or less above the plants.
When you do eventually put them outside, we suggest protecting them with a floating row cover for a while.
Here is more about that:

And here is our vegetable crop pages and planting dates info which are very helpful:

This is an unusual approach and we'd be interested in hearing how your potatoes do with this method.


I have some really huge plastic patio pots with drip trays. My plan is to put some potting soil in the bottom - about 6-8 inches and then the potato sets and cover the sets with soil. I have already chitted the potatoes so there are lots of eyes with growth. Then put them by the window and water them. After they start growing I might have to add some soil to bury the stems before it is warm enough to take the pots outside. I'm hoping for earlier new potatoes this way. Thanks for the grow light tip as my windows probably won't provide enough light until I can take the pots outside. We keep chickens so my hubby can pluck off potato beetles to feed the birds - this is very entertaining for my grandchildren. I already have row covers over my greens and pots of herbs so I will use the covers when I set the pots outside and that might minimize the beetles. Thanks again. I will let you know how it turns out.