15 new green giants

Asked January 6, 2019, 9:56 AM EST

This past October we had 15 five foot green giants planted around the perimeter of our yard. We had irrigation installed to help them grow. But being on Long Island we had to turn the irrigation off and drain it in November. The trees were doing great but this past week I’ve noticed some browning on the tips. It’s been fairly rainy these past few months so I believe they’re getting enough water. But I’m wondering if there something we need to do to prevent the trees from dying?

Suffolk County New York

1 Response

It is fine to plant arborvitae in the early fall as long as you are planting it in a spot that is completely suitable for the tree. If the spot is very windy, the soil is compacted or infertile, the area is very dry, or the trees are not coming from the nursery in excellent condition, fall planting will add to difficulty in establishing your trees.

These trees are very susceptible to imperfect water conditions and may be reacting to water pooling at the roots from the recent, heavy storms or extended dryness. Or they may not have had adequate time to establish a root network before winter and need some protection from drying winds. You are the best judge of which of these conditions are in effect in your landscape. Given the late planting, you should probably give the trees some protection from wind and strong sun so that they don’t dry out during their first winter.