Turkey Hunting question

Asked January 6, 2019, 3:14 AM EST

Was having a discussion with someone about Turkey hunting years back and can't locate the information I'm looking for and maybe you could help, I thought that when I started Turkey hunting in Michigan in the early 90's that you could not hunt turkeys after 4 o clock in the afternoon so you wouldn't disturb them roosting....any info on this?

Manistee County Michigan

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Hi there,
The DNR provides resources on turkey hunting at the website here:

The specific regulations pertaining to Turkey Hunting in Michigan are on pages 24-28 of the document linked below:
Section 3.301 states that it is unlawful to shoot a turkey from a tree. In regards to your question there is not a specific time limit currently in place, however, around dusk turkeys normally retreat to trees to roost for the evening, and this would make them no longer legal to shoot in the state of Michigan.

Note that there were a number of repeals and replacements for turkey regulations in 1991 that may have included something to do with time, but I am not aware of what those specific regulations were.