Oregon Coast hedgerow plant information

Asked January 5, 2019, 4:04 PM EST

What plants will do the best for a coastal hedge near hwy 101?

Lincoln County Oregon trees and shrubs plant selection

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Hello, here are some options for shrubs that will do well in hedgerows on the coast:

Tall Hedges
(5' tall or more, depends on variety)
Ceanothus impressus 'Victoria' - shiny evergreen leaves, profuse early summer bloomer, bee magnet. Be sure you get the right kind, some are low groundcovers. Ceanothus thrives on neglect, don't overwater.

Myrica californica or Pacific Wax Myrtle - great native, best where it can be unsheared but will take it, very attractive larger foliage than most hedge plants and birds like the fall berries.

Escallonia - most varieties, 'Pink Princess' common, 'Newport Dwarf' smaller. Get ready to cut hedges, these plants grow like crazy on the coast and need frequent shearing annually. Will outperform all others on the oceanfront.

Viburnum tinus in bloomViburnum - for example, V. tinus 'Spring Bouquet'. Probably not ideal for oceanfront but highly adaptable. Look for a future post on this vast genus. Should be chosen for an unsheared hedge to highlight flowers and shape.

Rhododendron - often used as a very large, unsheared (please!) hedge where there is plenty of width for the plants to grow. So many to choose from, and they grow magnificently on the central coast.

Low Hedges (4' or less usually, good for defining edges or hiding unsightly structures)

Hebe - another large collection to choose from, a favorite is 'Patty's Purple' on the coast. Highly tolerant of coastal wind and drought, some with lovely blooms. H. buxifolia is a good choice to stand-in for boxwood.

Salal - a champion native in our area, salal can vary from a groundcover to a medium hedge depending on its location and method of pruning. Almost no work, tolerant of most locations on the coast. Sun or shade.

Ilex crenata or Japanese Holly - another good stand-in for boxwood that is much more tolerant of coastal conditions. Can vary from low hedge with gold foliage to tall highly sheared and shaped hedge.

Vaccinium ovatum or Evergreen Huckleberry - another great native with the bonus of wonderful fruit. Lightly shaping this plant instead of hard shearing will deliver more fruit. Takes well to most conditions, taller in shade, needs a little shelter from the oceanfront winds.