Asked January 4, 2019, 4:05 PM EST

What species of mint are native to Southpark in Park County, Colorado?

Park County Colorado native plants mint

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Thanks for your question. I doubt that there any resources identifying mints native to such a specific area, and most of the mints we now cultivate were imported from Europe. But here are some articles on region-specific natives in the Lamiaceae family: Finally, here is a list from the Colorado Native Plant Society which may have some:

Thank you Kristena for your response! The information that you sent is very specific but I have one additional resource to add to your wonderful list.
It is the Colorado Plant Database - as you can see from the search some are native and some are not. It looks like there are twelve that are native to Colorado and Six that are not. When you are looking through the native ones you will just need to see if there is one that will grow in the Montane lifezone which is what I believe South Park would qualify as.