Mole in my house??

Asked January 3, 2019, 6:29 PM EST

I thought I saw a mouse in my house. I set traps and caught "it". in a couple of hours. Scooped the trap and critter and threw all in the trash. Got to thinking how fat and big it was, so dug it out of the trash. On closer inspection, pretty sure it is a mole. For sure not a mouse!! Black fur, wide placement of front legs, lots of fingers...and I couldn't see any eyes. Short tail. I know I have moles in my yard, but my house?!?!? What should I do? What can I expect? Someone suggested it is a shroom, cross between a mole and a mouse? Is there such a thing? Thank you. Jean Roth

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We can't be sure without seeing sharp photos, but based upon your description, we believe the animal you trapped might be a vole. Compare here:

Moles usually remain outdoors below the frost line in winter and, so far as we know, a mole/mouse hybrid is out of the question.

Voles don't come indoors very often but they sometimes do, if only by chance or accident.

Pretty sure after reviewing the resources of photos that compare a mole to a vole, mine is a Mole.

I might add, the photos all make these critters look cuter than it was in my furnace room!

I cannot figure out how s/he got in. My house has a sound foundation, etc. and shouldn't the mole have been underground?

What else can you tell me, advise me on?

Thank you again.

Jean Roth

We can't provide a definitive ID without seeing the animal or sharp photos. We can only discuss probabilities based on behavior typical of mammals found in Minnesota.

Two mole species are found in Minnesota: the eastern (aka common) mole (Scalopus aquaticus) and the star-nosed mole (Condylura cristata).

Common moles are slate gray with a velvety sheen. Star-nosed moles are dark brown or black.

Yes, in Minnesota, eastern moles abide mostly below the frost line at this time of year. However, according to experts at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, star-nosed moles may be active above ground in winter, even burrowing in snow.

In any case, finding a mole indoors in winter is very unusual.

How did you trap the animal? Did you use bait? If so, what?

If the animal was a mole, it might have entered through a sump or drain.

I used a mouse trap baited with peanut butter.

I just hope the invasion id over! Bad enough they are in my back yard, but unsettling in my house!

THANKS so much!!


I do not have a sump. If it got in through a drain, would I expect some sort of problem with the drain?
My home is a split, so the drain in the furnace room is low, so in comparison to a home on a slab.



Your last question is beyond the training and competence of most master gardeners. Someone familiar with your home's drain system may be able to answer it.