Gardening to control vines

Asked January 2, 2019, 9:52 AM EST

Hi: I have a naturalized 0.6 acre yard in Northwest Laurel that is increasingly being taken over by vines and other weeds. Deer damage is also an issue. Some are shady areas and some are sunny. I'd love the opportunity to talk to a MG re options for controlling weeds safely, controlling runoff, growing food, and enhancing wildlife and aesthetics. Do MG's make house visits, perhaps for volunteer credits? Or do you hold open office hours where I could come in w/a few photos to discuss options? Thanks for your time.

Prince George's County Maryland

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We are certified horticulturalists and you are welcome to send us photos and ask specific questions. We can identify your plants and give landscaping advice for your problem spots.

There is a great deal of help with invasive vines, etc. on our website--as well as about every other topic your raise. Use the search, or look under Invasives (or other topic) in Get Help or Topics.

You can look under Master Gardener tab for your County to inquire about a house visit. You County will have Plant Clinics on a regular basis where you can take plant samples and chat with a Master Gardener.