herbicide to kill ivy roots

Asked January 1, 2019, 7:11 PM EST

We have a buried sewer drain to our septic tank. A small border planting of English Ivy crosses the sewer line as it exits the house.foundation. We believe we have roots from the English ivy plugging the drain line. Is there a good way to poison or otherwise kill ivy all the way to its root tips?

Tillamook County Oregon

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Controlling English ivy is difficult. the plant has a very deep root system, which is hard to control AND can get into septic systems.

Controls; cover with carpet , takes a long time.
Cover with black plastic - takes a long time.
Dig up the roots but are very deep.
Organic herbicide - none strong enough.
Conventional herbicides - in the winter, spray a 2% spray of Crossbow on the ivy leaves with a spreader stick from a garden store. The spreader sticker sticks the spray to the ivy. Only spray the ivy and avoid other plants and read the label.

In the spring, cut the ivy in April, then again in May - September spot spray the regrowth after it reaches about 12 inches tall. Either Roundup or Crossbow HAS been effective. The labels change frequently so another reason to read the label.