How to compensate for NIMBY facilities

Asked January 1, 2019, 3:04 PM EST

I'd like to know there are laws or policies to compensate for citizen when some dovernment plan to site NIMBY facilities.

Ingham County Michigan community planning and zoning not in my backyard nimby negotiated compensation

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When a land use proposal is perceived as a nuisance or as creating negative impacts within the community, it is important to understand what your community desires, what the developer desires, and then blend both together. This understanding can lead to negotiations for a fee or amenity to mitigate proven negative impacts created by the proposed land use. As a best practice, excellent recordkeeping and minute-taking are critical during any negotiations between the community and developer. Michigan State University Extension offers the following article from 2016 to help your community better understand the options for 1) changing the public's perception of a proposed land use, and 2) a 'negotiated compensation' related to a use that is perceived to be a nuisance, or viewed as a NIMBY (Not In My Backyard)-type land use.
Also, page 5 of this 2006 MSUE Land Use Bulletin offers details on how or why to negotiate compensation with a developer: