Patchy lawn

Asked January 1, 2019, 10:51 AM EST

I live in Livonia, Michigan. My front lawn gets lots of shade it is very patchy. The shade is from a Basswood tree and a Japanese Maple. (The late is especially bare under / near the Japanese Maple). Rather than resorting I’d like to try seeding / overseeing the existing lawn. I realize this might take more than one season to fully come in but i’m Willing to wait. My question is how do I go about this? 1) do I add nutrients? 2) do I get the soil tested first? How? 3) what sees variety or mix would be best? 4) can I top dress / fill low spots at the same time? If yes, when before p, during, or after seeding?

Wayne County Michigan

1 Response

The first thing that I would recommend would be to have the soil tested. When you receive your report back you will see if there are nutrients you need to add. This would be the first step. After your solid test report you can make a plan for the spring.