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Asked December 29, 2018, 6:32 PM EST

Hello, My name is Keith and I live in Parkton.. i have 3 1/2 acres of land. 2 acres is woods, the rest is my lawn. Currently there are 3 peach tree going down my driveway and 1 cherry tree. We took down a peach tree due to infection. My neighbor had 2 Apple trees that have been growing for over 20 years. Some years they produce some years not so much. The peach trees have been decent the last 4 years I have lived here. I would like to possibly put up to 7 trees on my property. Number wise 4 Apple trees (at least 2 Arkansas Black’s and then 2 to 3 of some other Apple. Maybe a date or fig tree. I could possibly plant more if possible. Can you give me advice on my options. The entire property especially where the peach trees are get a full days sun. Thank you for your help.

Baltimore County Maryland fruit plant care

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Hi Keith-
Apple and peach have more insect and disease problems than most other fruit plants. You may know that already. We assume you are following a spray schedule with your peach trees. If you haven't checked out our web pages on growing fruit and common problems, please do so for some good background information:

As you'll see, we recommend that backyard fruit growers in MD follow the VA Tech spray guidelines:

There are many other good Extension fruit websites and publications from other states:
Penn State U.- Fruit Production for the Home Gardener: A Comprehensive Guide-
Collection of mid-Atlantic Extension fruit resources-
Fruit Pathology Resources at Ohio State U. (god info on organic management)-
Cornell U.- Growth Stages in Fruit Trees: From Dormant to Fruit Set:
Organic apple production-
eXtension- backyard blueberry production-

If you plant more apple trees be prepared to protect them from deer rubbing and
feeding, monitor them closely for insect and disease problems, and be prepared to prevent and manage insect and disease problems. Figs would need winter protection in your area to prevent winterkill of aboveground wood. Otherwise , fig is a good choice. The date palm is not adapted to MD conditions.