Propagating raspberry and blackberry plants

Asked December 29, 2018, 3:54 PM EST

I've probably already made a mess of things, but here goes... I planted a raspberry and a blackberry from stocks I bought at Home Depot a couple years ago. I ignored them and they grew like mad with florocanez (is that the right word) falling to the ground and rooting. Last spring I took those shoots and replanted about 6 of each. They grew like mad but barely bore fruit. I just cut every thing back to about 2". In the process I dug up lots of plants that started from the canes into the ground. A. Am I wasting my time replanting these shoots? If not, then do I need to replant them immediately, or can I store them for planting this Spring? Thanks in advance for your guidance.

Baltimore County Maryland

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You have found that it's quite easy to propagate bramble plants. The question is how many plants do you need?

Blackberry and raspberry require at least 3 ft. between plants grown in a row. A plant has a single crown and many shoots will grow from the crown and from the roots. Some shoots can pop up 5-10 ft. from the mother plant!

Once you have the total number of plants you need you'll need to thin the new shoots that arise in spring (primocanes) so that there is about 6 inches between each new shoot. It's important to know what variety and type of blackberry and raspberry you have because that will determine how they are pruned. Floricanes are the second year canes that flower, fruit, and die. It gets a bit compicated because many popular cultivars produce primocanes (first year shoots) that will flower and fruit in late summer. They are referred to as "primocane-bearing" cultivars. Please read our web pages on raspberry and blackberry for more information: