short round blue spruce with bare spots

Asked December 28, 2018, 5:57 PM EST

This tree was planted in 1999 in front of our house. It's not getting the bare branches of other tall blue spruces in our area, but has a "hole" on either side. Not sure if it's a disease, insect, or what. I removed empty bagworm cocoons last winter (too late), and have not found any on it this year.

Montgomery County Maryland trees holes on blue spruce

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To better understand and help you, we would like to see photos of what you are describing.
If you can take a few digital photos of the whole plant and the areas of concern, you can attach them directly to this reply (up to three at a time) by using the "Choose File" tabs below.


Images of the affected area were sent with the original question. Will attach images of the entire shrub.
Thank you.

Your first set of photos with the close-up views did not come through. However, from the second photos, the branches bare of needles suggests rhyzosphaeria needle cast. Here is a page about managing needle cast diseases in evergreens:

There has been tremendous fungal disease pressure on plants this past year because of the abnormal rain levels. Try to provide good air circulation around your plants, which may require pruning back some plants to let air get to others. You'll want to encourage air flow so that wet foliage dries quickly.