When Can I Plant Needlepoint Holly and Japaneese Mmaple

Asked December 27, 2018, 10:32 AM EST

I have two needlepoint holly's and two very small Japaneese maple trees in 1 Gallon containers, outside. Can I plant them in Dec/Jan/Feb....or do I need to wait till March? If the answer is "wait"....are they OK to stay outside in their pots during witnter and do they need watering?

Calvert County Maryland plant care trees

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Sorry for the time delay in response due to the holidays.
We would tend to think you should wait, especially given the incredible amount of rain we have received this year. Many areas have sodden soil that is either too wet or partially frozen to be worked.
That said, the roots of containerized plants are very sensitive to cold temperatures and they absolutely need protection and can't be left above ground without concern for the roots being damaged by cold and in the case of the evergreens, the leaves as well succumbing to desiccation.
At this point we suggest if you can, dig a hole and sink the plants, pot and all into the ground, preferably in a spot protected from winter winds. A layer of fallen leaves as a mulch layer wouldn't hurt.


Thank you very much for the reply. It's appreciated.