Tremendous vine growing up and wrapping around a tree. Help identifying this.

Asked December 26, 2018, 11:55 AM EST

Good morning. I sure hope you can help me id this vine, which is probably a little larger than my wrist. It seems to be wrapping itself around a trees upper branches and trunk, that is next to my home. I have noticed other vines similar to this doing the same thing to other trees, but this one seems to be the largest. I also attached a picture of a vine that seems to be disfiguring a tree.

Richmond County New York

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There are a number of vines that can cause this kind of damage to neighboring trees. Without a clear photo of the leaves and other identifying characteristics we are not able to tell you which one this is. I refer you to the NYBG guide to Photographing Plants for Identification. It helps to explain what information is needed to accurately identify a plant.

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