Bird mire on the human body i

Asked December 24, 2018, 5:13 PM EST

In 07 i was renovating a library a ga southern college re doing the HVAC mechanical duct work. 2he i stwrted talking old equipment out started with just a running nose and eyes when i started cleaning the coils some debri got on my arms the next day my arms were covered in a crusty like scab the company sent to th dr they claimed couldn't find anything but nt health hqs failed since then. Im constantly having problems with itchy rashes stuff seems to under the skin around finger nails 8t makes the skin yar and dry around pi can go on and on about it the mayo clinic tried to convince me wws in my head some should look my arms and scars purple looking spots .my primary dr found q mite in the exam rm i use just qfter i used the room he no longer has a private practice it was a bird mite he found havnt bee able to get new dr ft. O listen to me about it living in a q total hell from this

Bryan County Georgia

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